Monday, March 2, 2009

I Like to Paint Pears

I finished the pear painting yay! Haven't got a photo of it yet as it was raining, yes raining! Its been so long since we've seen any rain. I had to go stand in it to feel it on my skin. The smell of it is just divine. Its freshening up the whole place. The Rainbow Lorikeets are back. The gum trees must be starting to flower. The pitter-patter of the rain drops on the roof and the squawking of the lorikeets is music to my ears. The seasons are finally starting to change. I hope we are over the heat for the time being. I'm looking forward to some good hearty winter food. I get a bit tired of salads as the summer is drawing to a close. I do love all the different seasons and look forward to summer at the end of a long wet winter.

Bob had an appointment at the hospital today. He had to have the stitches out of the spot that had no skin graft. Its a bit infected and so is the one on the leg. The skin grafts on his head and leg doesn't seem to have taken but the one on his hand is doing fine. They are still hopeful they will heal by themselves and he's now on antibiotics for the infection. He's feeling quite well and likes to thank you all for all your good wishes and kind thoughts.

Since reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron I have done morning pages. This morning I was so eager to start the day that I totally forgot about them. I just wanted to get stuck into the pear painting while I was fresh and full of energy. It was giving me some problems so I wanted to leave it last night and then just jump straight in today. It usually resolves itself then. I always have trouble when I get too precious with a painting. I'm scared to stuff it up and that makes me freeze. The background was giving me trouble but I really liked the pears and got rather precious about them. The motto of this story is don't get precious about your art!


Anonymous said...

Rain!!! Hooray! Our planet does smells beautiful after a long awaited shower begins. Fresh and earthy.
Glad Bob is getting better and hope he is soon over the infections.
Looking forward to seeing those pears!
love Julie x

Laura said...

Good news all around and hope things work well for Bob, and yes very excited to see the late off the easel.


april said...

You finished!! Can't wait to see. The pears sound so yummy and so does the rain and the birds and the trees. Our Spring is on it's way. (hopefully! - we had snow again last night). I too love the change of seasons though.

Hoping Bob will heal fast with lots of rest and everything will be fine soon.

Doris said...

So good to hear of your rain after such a long hot spell! And the magic of the rainbow lorikeets and gumdrop trees returns! Nice little reminder that I need to resume my morning pages!

Tatiana Kuzyk said...

Can't wait to see your pears, Uta! Thank you for your kind words on my blog and an invite to your AW group, I'd love to join in!
I replied directly to both of your comments, but since I'm new to blogger, it must've gotten lost in the cyberspace (in e-mail address it said 'no-reply')Hopefully we can connect.
Louise Hay's books are true life-savers to me. She's such a warm, nurturing, loving soul, and it comes out of her writing and goes straight to the readers heart.
Much Blessings,

butterfly woman said...

Hi Uta,
Rain coming down, Bob's getting better and you keep cranking out the art pieces. Life sounds good.

"Don't get precious about your art" is a good lesson for me to take in. Just get in there and let the creativity flow.
With your fruit and April's cupcakes, quite a feast, yum yum!