Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello World

I thought I'd better come out of my art zone for a little while to say hello. As you know I've set myself a task to finish the four paintings in the Little Miss series in one week. Usually it takes me a week to do one painting but I thought if I pushed myself I could do it. I'm spending longs hours at the easel and letting everything else go. No housework has been done and I didn't even go to the market this week for our groceries. I just grabbed a few things locally. I have to report that the paintings are going well. All the backgrounds were finished yesterday and today I started painting in the legs, shoes and socks. I am really enjoying losing myself in my art. Time to finish for tonight though. I'd better go and clean some brushes.


april said...

Your fans are waiting!

Anonymous said...

(drum roll)
(red carpet being rolled out)
(intake of breath)
No pressure Uta lol! But can't wait to see them :)

Doris said...

Great to see you poke your head out! Great to hear that your challenge is running well! Don't forget to breath though!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward the legs paintings.
Today I was shopping in Wiesbaden
and there are art shops. I saw paintings
simular like you do with writing and words in the back. I don´t know if they would allow to make a foto of the window display.
But to see real paintings - they are alive.

butterfly woman said...

Can't wait, can't wait. The anticipation is driving me crazy. How about teasing us with a few backgrounds anyway, the legs can walk onto the canvas when they're ready!
Look you being so in the creative zone, awesome!!!

Uta said...

I have fans now. I like it! hehehe