Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jake's Birthday 3rd July 2012

It was Jake's birthday and we were having my favourite meal - RIBS. Jake asked me to prepare them as he had shown me how when we were in Michigan. Later I got to cook ... them under supervision of course. He knows they are my favourite new food and he wanted to make sure I know how to cook them when I get back home.

 some seasoning but I am not allowed to divulge what seasoning is used ... sworn to secrecy

 Elena making her man a cake

 finally the ribs were ready ... with Sweet Baby Ray's sauce hmmm

 Jake singing a Polish birthday song to himself

 its present time

ooh ... nice


nacherluver said...

What fun! Happy Birthday Jake! So glad you could be there to help celebrate.

Laura said...

What fun you are all having, Happy birthday to Jake!

april said...

Happy Birthday, Jake! I want to hear that song! Beautiful cake, Elena! And what was that present???