Monday, July 16, 2012

Train Journey from Chicago to Seattle 6th-8th July 2012

The train trip from Chicago to Seattle is two days long. When the train is 3 hours late and runs out of food can we call that an added bonus to the adventure??? These are just some of the pictures I took from the train window. I can't even remember all the names of the towns and cities we went through but believe me there was a long list. We went through many states starting in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and finally Washington. The landscape changed in each state but Washington seemed to be the most dramatic with the beautiful pine tree vistas and snow covered mountain tops. We met a lovely lady on the train called Lisa. She was getting off the train in Tomah I think. She was being picked up at the station by friends and rang ahead and asked them to bring some beer for us. We were not supposed to drink our own alcohol in the public areas her friend packed up some beer in a bag and Lisa handed it to us on the train. Not only were there some ice cold beers in the bag but snacks as well. Thank you ladies ... we thoroughly enjoyed our treats.


Lisa, our fellow traveler and beer smuggler hehehe

finally arrived for a long awaited group hug


april said...

Love the travelog of pictures; the barns, the fire escape, the little houses down in the valley, the snow on the mountains. Love seeing what you saw. Hi Lisa! And the arrival. Hi Glenn!

Jan said...

Oh the sights you'll see!!!
Have seen. It was great meeting you!

Laura said...

Good to see the sights Uta..some day my travels will lead me out that way.. thanks for sharing..Gum wall..seem I have a picture of this and it's coated to be use in a collage some day.. too funny I think I found it in a nat. geo. magazines.

Doris said...

Wow, so many sights to see! What a great trip!

Uta said...

I have loved every minute of this adventure.