Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Snoqualmie Falls 10th July 2012

Here's some information I got off the net about the Snoqualmie Falls.
Deep in the Valley of the Moon, there is music: the sound of water from Snoqualmie Falls crashing to the hard earth and the wind whistling through stands of cedar and fir. There is peace out here where the first people of the Eastside chased the seasons and looked to the sky, hoping to find their creator lounging in the crook of a crescent moon.
They are known as the Snoqualmie Indians, once one of the biggest and most feared tribes in the Puget Sound area. The Snoqualmies, who recently received federal recognition, make up one of two main tribes that call the Eastside home.
A certain sense of peace remains in the Snoqualmie Valley, more than 140 years after a treaty signed between Native Americans and white settlers caused whole villages to be erased from the map - villages that once hunkered along lakes and rivers throughout the Eastside.
 The story of the Moon 
It happened a long time before anyone wrote anything down. The Moon Child, Snoqualm, said goodbye to his wife in the western ocean and walked up the river toward the home of his mother, wife of the Red Star.
As Moon walked up the river he confronted fierce monsters. He transformed them into plants and animals to create a home where the people could live. When he came to the place where Raven had built a fish weir across the river, Moon turned that fish weir into stone.
At this place with the river pouring over the lip of the stone, Moon created the first man and woman, then climbed into the sky to stay. Forever.


Laura said...

totally God's country it looks to me. how special.

april said...


april said...

you must be painting...

Glenn Stenson said...

Yes, April, I have put her to work so I can rest.

Suz said...

I rather like that creation story Uta...thanks
lands on you like waterfall mist

hope you are having a blast

Doris said...

BEAUUUUTIFUL! Catching my breath from the pix!

Uta said...

It was totally mesmerizing. said...

Looks like you are having a great time.

I looked at all the pictures on your blog

Enjoy...and I even seen my picture LOL

Have fun