Friday, July 20, 2012

Oregon 11th-13th July

The last of the tribe members for me to meet was Jan. Glenn transported Elena, Robin and I to Oregon for a tribal get together and hair cutting ceremony. Glenn's daughter is getting married and she asked for him to look 'respectable' for the wedding. The tribe tried to ease the pain of respectability by having a tribal scalping hehehe.

Once we crossed this bridge over the Columbia River we were in Oregon.

a regular visitor to Jan's garden


 Jan, me with my American grown stomach, Glenn, Elena and Robin.
Only our Lynn was missing.

 I love these guys!

 Jan's studio

 margaritas hmm

 the Jan hug!

 Jan and her llamas

 feeding the llamas


 more tribal love

 Jan in her natural habitat

 the wood nymph

 on route to the river

whistling through blades of grass

 some time in Jan's studio

 let the hair removal begin ... Steve used his chainsaw hehehe

Lynn, the tribe member that couldn't be present was on Skype.

 de-haired Glenn with his tribe ... he was traumatized

 Jan and Steve's beautiful peaceful home

 nearly time to say "see ya next year"

Y'all come back now ... ya hear!


Laura said...

Lovely to see this all.

Uta said...

It was amazing Laura.

Laura said...

Some day Uta I would like to travel north west.

april said...

Looks beautiful, and so good to see Jan!