Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Seattle Sight Seeing 9th July 2012

Seattle is such a pretty place and has such a nice vibe to it that I don't seem to tire of the sights. Elena, Robin, Glenn and I had a great time exploring Pike's Market, the gum wall and the Seattle Underground Tour. Even though its kinda gross the gum wall is amazing. Of course I had to stick a wad of gum to the wall.

Pike's Market

The first ever Starbucks

the alley way leading to the gum wall

some bloody tourists



and more gum

the trick is to stick your wad of gum on without touching someone else's ... yuck

some graffiti and posters

a whole wall of "Love Art & share it with the World" ... awesome

some more street art

the Underground Tour

totem pole

Ooh I seem to be sitting in the wrong place hehehe


april said...

Love that photo of the beautiful cloud-filled sky and the reflection of them in the building. Beautiful flowers and oh, i love those cherries; just bought some last week at the store and they are yummy. Well, that gum wall - interesting colors and drips...but yes, yuck.

Suz said...

uta uta uta.....you bad girl

Laura said...

Oh honey you probably have a SD card full by now...did you bring a spare..I know I would have a really hard time if I had to delete anything. Looks like you are all really have a great time together.

Jan said...

the underground looks rather spooky, the gum wall rather yucky, the rest looks like fun!

Doris said...

Great pictures! Once again, fabulous trip! Never imagined some of the sites you've seen!

Uta said...

I have a spare memory card Laura and I also have my computer with me to store the photos on.

Suz, why and I bad??? Don't you like roosters or something hehehe