Sunday, July 1, 2012

Meeting My Tribe 30th June 2012

Online friendships are real. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I met another member of my tribe yesterday. We have shared much online and I guess you wonder whether it will be the same in person. Its better!!! There is no awkwardness, no embarrassing silences, it just is what it is online only you see their eyes, you get to hold them and you get to hear their words instead of read them. The love and companionship is enhanced with the use of all the senses. Somehow this weird little group of people connected on a deep level, something that can't really be explained ... we just know it and feel it. Funny thing is they all have accents except me hehehe.

I love these guys


april said...

...and we love you.

Uta said...

Would you have believed it if you didn't witness it first hand??? How amazing is it???

Laura said...

Oh What funny you are all having!!! great to see, Is that Lynn? Wow something specially it looks like good for you all.