Monday, June 23, 2008

Big White Scary Canvas is Finished

The big white scary canvas is completed. Its called "The Best China" and its 91x122cm (36"x48"). I have to say I have enjoyed the process of this piece so much that I'm a bit sad at it being over. I'm a bit lost now :( and not sure what to do next. Yesterday I tried working on the board books I want to alter but just couldn't get into it. Usually, as I'm working on a piece, I'm already formulating the next one in my mind but "The Best China" just mesmerized me and totally consumed me. It was great fun.


april said...

This is beautiful! One to see in person! The background looks so interesting. Text and figures? And wow that perspective! Beautifully done. Want to know the story! ...April

Uta said...

The story is whatever your imagination wants it to be. To me it speaks of better times before the wallpaper peeled and when there were comfortable arm chairs to sit in. But the tradition of bringing out the best china still holds strong even in these "poor" conditions.

Laura said...

Uta, Please share this on the artist way site. It's so great!!!