Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Paper Work

Yesterday was a day of catching up on some paper work. The way I figure it, if there's paper work you must be going forward. I wrote the proposal for an exhibition I'm planning to have with Julia and Zoe. Three generations of women. Worked on updating my CV and making it relevant to the proposal.

I also finalised the details for the artist in residence position coming up in the end of July at Naracoorte Primary School. I'm really looking forward to this one. I will be showing 350 primary school children (ages from 5 to 12 years) how to do collage. They each will get the chance to create a collage on a stretched canvas and the school will be having an exhibition in the art gallery. What fun, getting paid to play for a whole week.

I have a weekend workshop coming up in the beginning of August and I'm nearly organised for that as well. Just need a few more supplies.

My SALA exhibition plans are all coming along too. Just need to finish off the invitation. That's today's job.

The money I will be earning is going towards reclaiming our huge shed. We had it set up as a pottery studio and when we stopped doing that it just became a dumping ground and storage facility. Well I'm getting in some very big garbage skips and am going to be ruthless and throw everything out and turn it back into a studio. I had dreams of buying a new computer with that money but decided it would come to better use cleaning out the shed. I think its the next step in becoming more serious and professional with my artwork. I need a bigger studio space. A place where I can invite people to come and play with me. Some comfy chairs in front of the fire place (yes the shed has a fire place) to have a cup of coffee surrounded by art stuff, now that's what I call bliss.


Doris said...

I sure like drawing in front of fire! What a wonderful plan to reclaim the studio! Someday when I'm rich and famous I'll come visit!
P.S.How's that for affirmation?

Uta said...

I'll put the kettle on and get the drawing paper out.

Laura said...

Paperwork yes, that lovely paperwork but like you said allthe things that keep you moving forward. What a wonderful end of year plan you have.


april said...

Oh my goodness, I think you need a new name for your shed - not "shed". It sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see what you are going to do. We have a "shed" shed in our backyard that is not being used and have been wanting to redo it for me and Danielle and the fairies. Not sure what to do. Did have a few extra windows put in last year. Want Rich to get some peg board up on the walls maybe and paint it, so I can hang things. Put some curtains up. Then move Danielle easel out there, some of my paints, etc. April