Monday, June 9, 2008

Bad Girl

I have been doing so well with my eating and exercise habits that I thought I would treat myself to a few forbidden delicacies when I went to the market on Friday. That was the first mistake. I spent the whole weekend eating forbidden delicacies. I felt like I had a cold coming on so I thought I would take some time off and not go to gym. That was the second mistake. Can you see the destructive path I'm on? I have to stop this now before it spirals out of control. Off to gym this morning and then back to work on my big white canvas (not white anymore really). No thoughts will enter my head about my favourite soft and oozy cheese that I didn't manage to completely devour on the weekend. No its back to healthy eating and exercise. To be honest, eating the wrong food for 3 days has made me feel sluggish so back on the straight and narrow for me.....I hope.

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