Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Little Panic Starting

I just had a little panic this morning about my up and coming exhibition. Everything is going smoothly so where that came from I don't know. A big deep cleansing breath ... in ... out.

I'm not working on an artwork at the moment and it feels strange. I'm usually thinking of the next piece while completing the one I'm working on but The Best China was so big and consumed me so completely that didn't happen this time. Doing my reading for The Artist's Way Journey told me to just start and see where I go from there. How simple is that? Just start! So today I'll give my studio space a little clean up (something I like to do after I complete a new piece) and just start. There are a few little airy fairy ideas floating around so if I simply start, something will happen I'm sure.

Off to gym first to work on my health and then I'll be ready to slay dragons.


Laura said...

I find that in the times of panick I do much better when I'm putting that energy towards creative acts. It feels so much better.

but you got a good plan started.

april said...

Looking at your work, you have nothing to worry about, Uta. It will be a smashing success! You just have to get there and you will be fine. April