Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fast Forward

Big white scary canvas is coming along nicely. All the background is done. Just need to add some text (love my text) and then onto drawing or painting my wooden chairs with a nice little teacup placed just so on the corner of one of the chairs.

Also have many ideas to alter the board books. Can't wait to get to them. There are so many ideas floating in my head at the moment and so many things I want to try I need two lifetimes or maybe more to get through it all.

Julia bought me a book on felting. Another project I want to get back to. I really need a fast forward button hehehe.

Anyway enough rambling, time for breakfast and a quick trip to the gym for my exercise. Once back home its back to the big white scary canvas and some washing. Thank goodness for automatic washing machines. They leave more time for art!

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