Thursday, June 12, 2008


Went to a digital photography meet last night. They are held once a month and this is the second I've been to. We are learning and discussing how to use your camera on the manual setting. I've learnt about aperture and shutter speed and what settings they should be on for different situations. It gives you greater control over what the shot looks like rather than letting the camera do all the work on the auto setting. I have also learnt how inadequate my camera is. Oh well it will do me for now and what I use it for. No doubt in the future I will want to upgrade but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. Number one on my list of must haves is a new computer. One that's not a hand me down and doesn't crash five times in a row (and that's just when I turn it on).

Been good on the food and exercise front over the last couple of days and I'm feeling better for it. I do get tired of constantly battling with it. I swear I just have to walk passed a cake shop and I put on weight. I think I've got the slowest metabolism in the world. Listen to me complain, moan, moan, moan. With all that complaining you wouldn't think I'm in a really happy mood and raring to start the day.


Doris said...

Ooh. I lost a lot of valuable work when my computer crashed! Still am not backing up. With dial up I have routine frustration as it loads, almost hate to turn it off. Sounds like a great workshop, a few photography lessons quite helpful!

Uta said...

When (I say "when" and not "if") I get my new computer I plan to get an external hard drive to store work on. I totally understand about not wanting to turn your computer off. I'm the same. Once computer is up and running I leave it on as long as possible.