Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time Travel

Had a lovely time with my friend Kris yesterday. Kris has had a bit of a rough time lately so I thought I would pamper her a little. I took her to Tangerine Treasures and Tea Rooms on Rose Street in Glenelg.

The music and decor act as a time machine so we went into the back corner away from the world and let the tearooms transport us back in time probably to the 30's or 40's. The tearoom is an L shape so if you walk to the back and turn left, there are no windows to remind you what century you are in.

Before we went in I told Kris the rules. "As we are stepping back in time we leave our troubles at the door. We only talk about nice things inside." I said.

We arrived mid morning so we decided to have some breakfast. Waffles with cream and maple syrup for Kris and raisin toast for me. Of course we shared so we could have some of each. I had a pot of Taylor's Earl Grey tea and Kris tried green tea with jasmine and we were set for a lovely morning of women's talk.

We were having such a good time we didn't want to leave so after a quick pit stop (too much tea) we decided to stay for lunch as well hehehe. So more tea and some sandwiches and more women's talk.

When it was time to leave and we finally walked through the door and back into reality we were very relaxed and contented. It was just one of those glorious days that becomes a treasured memory.

I love that quaint little tea shop. None of the tables match but each has its own old world charm and each has a doyley or an embroidered table cloth. The china is old English with floral patterns and not a matching set in sight. From Wednesday to Sunday, if you book in advance, you can have high tea (oo la la), sampling different teas with an array of delicious finger food. That will be our next adventure.


Laura said...

Time so well spent.

Uta said...

We both filled the well that day in more ways than one hehehe

Anonymous said...

yes sounds good if you like tea... :P


april said...

Sounds lovely to me, Uta. What a nice little spot. Earl Grey is my favorite too! And Lady Grey. April