Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kayaking on Pentwater River

Jake took me kayaking today. The place we are staying in had a couple of kayaks in the basement. There is nothing quite like it. Its so peaceful and you get to see places you wouldn't normally see. I was worried I might get my camera wet so I didn't take it. There were beautiful water lilies with yellow flowers. I stayed among them a little too long and lost sight of Jake who was paddling up ahead. I saw what I thought was a piece of drift wood so I paddled off to investigate it. As I got closer it moved!!! It was a turtle just getting some air. It was fabulous to see ... the shell was about the size of a dinner plate. Seeing that made me so happy I welled up with tears. Elena calls me chiona which she tells me means cry baby hehehe.
 This is what I see when I lay in bed

 kayaks are in the truck woohoo

 wearing a life jacket like I was asked to (that means "told")


 I was so happy today I thought I would burst

 cool huh???

 Elena bought me an American flag, ready for the 4th of July
 I had to decorate the dinner table with it hehehe

end of the day Jake lent me his winter work shirt called a carhartt
(I always get cold ... not like summer back home)


april said...

Oh my gosh! What memories! Great pictures!

Laura said...

Life isn't it grand?? Oh honey...your blessed in the bliss.

Jan said...

What a perfect time you are having! I'm happy for you.
I have kayaks too, and a river.

Glenn Stenson said...

Somebody must like you to "ask" that you wear safety equipment. You are being well cared for.

Uta said...

You have kayaks and a river Jan??? Sheesh I would've come sooner had I known hehehe. I wonder if you have life jackets cos I'm not allowed to kayak without one.