Friday, June 29, 2012

My Day at Laura's 26th June 2012

Laura was my first cyber friend. We met on line in 2007 and I finally got to meet her in person. There is just no way to describe how amazing it feels to finally hug someone who has been in your heart for so many years. I was finally able to see the things I have read about on Laura's blog over the years. Laura's home, her studio, her garden and her paper making tent in the yard. I also got to meet her family. Laura had organised a group of us to make paper in the tent in the yard. A beautiful day!

 the back yard

 the paper making tent

 one of many hugs

 this is some of the clan from the first Artist's Way journey
Laura, April, Doris, Me, Marg, Nancy

 meet Hank ... he gives good kisses

 and Carl ... both behaved so well

 making paper

 we were meant to dry the paper flat but we decided to hang them on the line so we could remember which ones were ours

 sitting around the table chatting and eating (all healthy food)

 Laura, Doris, Robin, Me, Marg, Elena, Barb, April

 a bunch of dags hehehe


Jo Murray said...

You must've had a great day... looks like the weather was kind too. I love Laura's work and it must've been great to see all her stuff.

Doris said...

It was a great day! Cyber hugs!