Friday, June 29, 2012

 April, me and Robin on the train

 Robin, me and April 

 The Palmer House ... very swish

 the ceiling was magnificent

 there were some questionable people loitering by the lifts hehehe

 I may not be able to afford to stay here but I can pretend that I can

 Dick Blick's ... two floors of art supplies ... TWO FLOORS ... heaven

 time for coffee ... I had chai latte

 This sculpture in Millennium Park is called Cloud Gate but its affectionately called the bean ... where's Uta

 I love how the bean reflects its surroundings

 some of the city scape

 This is the Jay Pritsker Pavilion. Robin and I saw a live band there later in the evening. 

 another view of the pavilion 

 this is a stainless steel bridge in Millennium Park 

 it winds its way across the park

Lake Michigan from Lake Shore Drive

 Buckingham Fountain

 love my friends

 loved this statue of a Native American ... bowman

 the fire escapes are just like in the movies

 there was a Lichtnestein retrospective on in the Art Institute and Robin and I loved it!!!

 the entrance to the Art Institute of Chicago has a couple of Leo's guarding it

 The Crown Fountain has faces projected on them. Sometimes they squirt water from their mouths.

 ALL the kids had fun splashing in the water of the fountain

 we had lunch at the Park Cafe where I left my mark

 it wasn't me officer

 Robin wanted me to try the deep dish pizza that Chicago is famous for. It was a 45 minute wait to get in so we amused ourselves in a nearby bar with $4 Margaritas while we waited

Our last stop before heading back on the last train was the Hancock building where you can see all the lights of Chicago. Breathtaking and so so huge. On the left you can see Navy Pier.


Robin said...

Love the photos! What a great day! I had a blast. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Laura said...

wow...girl you really filled your wonderful...I would need to sleep the whole next day...just awesome for you all.

Uta said...

fabulous day ... great memories

Glenn Stenson said...

sealed with a kiss.

Robin said...

Sneaky Glenn!