Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pentwater Art and Craft Fair

 Sylvia, Nick and Jake arriving at the art and craft fair

 sisterly love

 I felt at home here but could work out why

I can tell that Elena loves me even though she denies it

 can you see this as one of my paintings???

 Elena and Nick

 the love fest

 Jake explaining something to me

 Elena's and Jake's beautiful girls looking mighty fine in their new bandanas

finished the day with a dinner of ribs ... my first
Looove those ribs


Laura said...

Just so Damn Happy for you all

Uta said...

Laura,I am so happy that sometimes I can't contain it and it bubbles up and just oozes out hehehe. Wonderful country with amazing people :)

april said...

Love all those smiles! What a fun day! Find any "treasures" at the fair?