Wednesday, June 27, 2012

South Haven & April's Family Birthday Party

I am a little behind on my blog posts as so much is happening at once. This is from last Sunday. Elena, Sylvia and I were leaving Michigan and heading back to Illinois. Jake, Nick and the girls (the doggies) headed home but we were going site seeing (which really means shopping). We didn't even make it back to Illinois on Saturday but stayed in a hotel in Benton Harbor. South Haven was the last town we were stopping at and it had the quaintest little clothing store called Renaissance & Papyrus. Not only were the clothes exquisite but it had the most adorable garden out back that will surely turn up in my paintings.

Of course we spent too long shopping and were running late. I had to be at April's at a certain time as we were going to her granddaughter's 7th birthday party. When we finally arrived back in Illinois and at April's I finally got to meet Henri. I fell in love instantly.

It was a warm day and the kids at the birthday party had fun under the sprinkler and sliding along the Slip & Slide.
 April and me

 the kids lining up for a turn hitting the pinjada

 the pinjada was a giant cupcake

 a really quick dive to the ground when the pinjada finally broke and the lollies fell

 the birthday cake

meet Shelby

I will post my adventures in downtown Chicago and meeting my friend Laura soon.

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april said...

Love all the pix and memories here. I must print them for my book too. Love the buildings and garden in Michigan and how about those birthday cupcakes! ...hi sweetie Shelby!