Thursday, June 21, 2012


I realised something today. I love summer! I have come to the conclusion that I must find the means to never go through another winter again. Who likes being cold??? Oh yeah, Elena's sister Sylvia. She is not keen on any sort of heat. I do try to tell her that its not hot ... she should try a summer in Australia then she would know what hot is. The shops here are so highly air conditioned that I get goose bumps the second I enter the door. I guess its just what you're used to.The temperature reached somewhere between 92F and 94F which with my mathematical brain I convert to 33C to 34.5C. A nice day especially when most of the day is spent on the shore of Lake Michigan but I am told it was hot hehehe.

The day begins with Jake cooking breakfast. When he says there's ham and eggs for breakfast he ain't kidding. Have you ever seen a ham steak that big???

 Eggs sunny side up with runny yolks to dip the ham and toast into

Want some??? There is always enough to go around.
 Then its down to the lake. Here's Sylvia getting sand in her bits hehehe.

 Elena having fun.

 Here's Sylvia and Nick trying to help Elena. There was much screaming and laughing.

 The waves kept pushing Sylvia over and she ended up with gravel rash on her knees.

 Some time out of the water and Elena created a sand mermaid.

 Sylvia trying to get Elena into the deeper water but the waves had other ideas.


 This will be another painting I am sure!!!! I love this pink chair!!!


Glenn Stenson said...

Love the mermaid! And all the smiles. Paint the pink chair just as it is.

Robin said...

Looks like soooooo much fun!!

Elena said...

Omg! Swim suit shots?!! Love that u captured the amazing fun we were having...still makes me laugh

april said...

I can hear the giggling! What a fun day! Fun to see! Oh yes...I can see that pink chair in one of your paintings, Uta. And love that mermaid, Elena!

april said...

Oh! And I can smell the ham and eggs. Looks yummy!

Laura said...

Life is treating you so good...Great fun is being had, great see the enjoyment.

Uta said...

And then to end a perfect day I saw my first raccoon. It just walked across the yard .... awesome!!!

Laura said...

Too funny Uta we thing of the darn masked one as trouble maker around here...getting into homes and garbage cans. But they are some craft souls.