Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sight Seeing in Ludington Michigan

 I just can't help photographing the treasures

 This would look so good outside my studio


 my hosts, Jake and Elena ... aren't they cute

 the fire hydrants are short and fat hehehe

 the Ludington Lighthouse

 me ... again

 gotta love that peeling paint and the text

 back to Pentwater for lunch

 Elena and her son Nicholas ... rare to get a photo of him ... he won't let you

 hehehe loved this sign on the Tiki Bar

back at the cabin for a camp fire
when it got dark the woods came alive with fireflies .... they look like fairies

my first s'more
biscuit/piece of chocolate/marshmallow toasted on the fire/another biscuit
the hot gooey marshmallow melts the chocolate and everything oozes


april said...

Ooooooo! Love these pictures! What special fun you are having with Elena and Jake. Beautiful flowers, love old worn things and look at that red truck, Laura! Great pic of Elena and Jake! And S'mores! "Carbs and sugar".....but aren't they fun too! It's a good thing.

Laura said...

Oh love it all by the two favorites are the red truck and Uta eating the s'more...

Jan said...

S'mores! Yes!! What fun you all are having, makes me happy.

Glenn Stenson said...

S'mores require Graham crackers. Biscuits are for gravy or dog treats.

Uta said...

hehehe Glenn, the people at home understand biscuits but wouldn't understand Graham Crackers. Our crackers are savoury and biscuits are sweet.