Friday, June 29, 2012

The Center 27th June 2012

Reading April's blog over the years I have come to "know" The Center. Now I finally saw it for myself.  The peaceful hits you the minute you enter the grounds. Its a calm nurturing place and it seems to wash away your troubles. April spends a lot of time giving art classes and also taking art classes here. The Center is an amazing place. Here's what I found on their website: 
The Center was conceived as a dream of the late Reverend Paul T. Sanders. That dream became a reality in 1932 and has prospered over the last seventy-five years. It is still in the process of fulfillment. The dream is more than a place—it is a facility, a program, and a philosophy. Most of all, The Center is about people. 

There is art, pre-school, camps, retreats, a little chapel which holds regular services, and even a farm.

 The Log Cabin Center for the Arts

 The Wayside Chapel

 Herb Cottage

 inside The Lodge

 The office of The Children's Farm

 the barn on The Children's Farm

 the vegetable garden

 the barn is filled with animals


 little porkers 

 even some horses

 the rooster was checking me out to make sure I was behaving myself

 check out the peeling paint

 zooming in 

 at the pre-scahool

 detail of the carvings over the mantle

 this donkey was carved from April's drawing

 sit a spell ... take a load off

 a swim to end the day with April's daughter Julie

another new friend ... Missy


Robin said...

I'm glad you got to see it Uta! I feel so lucky that I get to go here regularly!

Laura said...

I was wondering if you would catch up to your sights and sounds...and I see you did..So great to see it Uta.