Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Product

Back in the creative flow and so happy about it. :) I've been trying really hard to keep a balance of all things in my life. I have a tendency to go full on in one area while the others suffer. Its either going to gym full on and watching what I eat to be healthy or its art with my head in the clouds. I don't even notice whats going on around me until somebody is hungry or has some other need and I crash back down into reality. However I'm trying not to do that to myself anymore. I go to gym, take care of the chores, work on my artwork, shop and spend time with family and friends all in moderation. It feels much more sane and much less erratic. Wonder how long I can keep it up.
Tried a new product on my artwork and I love it. Its not cheap but nothing connected with art and craft is. Its called Grafix Rub-onz. Its like the rub ons used in scrap booking only you create your own. You can print on them directly from your ink jet printer or you can draw on them if you prefer. Its such an easy way to do an image transfer. No more scrubbing off the paper afterwards. Not only can you use whatever image you want you can also use whatever colour you want too. Hehehe sounds like an ad but its really exciting to find products that are so easy to use and have endless possibilities. Will post a pic as soon. Had such a long break from creating I've been having a little bit of trouble with resolving the piece I'm working on. Its nearly there now but I had some struggles and difficult moments. Well enough on the words and on with the art. Hope to finish it today.

p.s. Zoe's new tooth is visible. She's very excited.


Anonymous said...

Hi Uta, lovely to hear you're enjoying working on your art. I can sympathise about not doing things in moderation... I'm just the same.

And Helen Dunmore... what a coincidence, I was given the same book that you have!!!

Warmest wishes to you,
love Julie x

Uta said...

I can't believe this coincidence. You will love the book. You won't be able to put it down.