Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No More White

The canvas isn't white anymore. Woohoo! Had the best time painting yesterday with really watered down paint. Masking areas of the canvas with watercolour paper and then laying down washes. Am really happy the way the paints bled into each other and also under the watercolour paper. Been trying for this effect for so long. Even the paper I used as a mask is really cool and will look great in a collage. Not sure if I will use any of it in this piece though. Will wait and see where this piece takes me I guess.
No art for me today though, I'm taking my Mum to visit my sister. Maybe I can get a couple of hours in after dinner.


april said...

Sounds interesting. I love watercolor. Can't wait to see! ...April

butterfly woman said...

I think collage over watercolor would be the way I'd like to approach collage medium. Best of both worlds. Floaty and texture. It will be fun to see it.