Monday, April 28, 2008

Big White Canvas

On Saturday I unpack a new big white canvas ready to start work on. I stood it on my art table in the corner of my bedroom and there its stood looming all its glowing whiteness at me. The reason I started working in collage is a fear of that crisp white canvas. I have a fear of putting a mark on it. My theory is to stick a bit of paper on it, might be a page from the phone book or some newly stained or altered paper, and that glowing white canvas isn't white anymore. It has a mark on it and isn't scary any longer hehehe. I haven't started on the new canvas yet so there it sits blinking its whiteness at me like a neon sign. "I dare you to start, I dare you to start" it blinks. Well I will start today after gym so there :p.

I've been thinking of trying something new. I'm always thinking of trying something new but that's how the passion stays in my work I reckon. When I first got interested in collage, about 3 years ago, I saw some work by Peggy Brown in a book. I loved the subtleties of her work and tried to achieve that feeling in my own work. The inspiration of Peggy Brown's work took me through what my friends and family like to call my "beige period". I never really achieved the subtleties, just beige-ness hehehe. I looked on Peggy Brown's website again the other day and thought I might try her technique once again and see how I go. She works on watercolour paper but I want to try it on canvas. So big white looming canvas I'm coming for you today.


Anonymous said...

At least i know where I got my procrastination from :P


Uta said...

I don't think so Julia!