Monday, April 14, 2008

New Work, Finally

Finally back on track and creating again. Just finished this piece yesterday. This is only the second piece I've made using this technique of staining and altering papers. I'm really enjoying this process. Want to do a few more in this style. My work has really changed and evolved in the 3 years that I've been exploring collage. Computer keeps crashing so I'd better stop rambling and post this while I've got the chance. Can't wait to start the next piece.
As Time Goes By
stained, altered and found papers, image transfers on canvas
46x91cm (18"x36")


Anonymous said...

Hi Uta,
Hey, I like your colours, the cool blues and greys contrasting iwth the warm reds. And is that some German writing too?
That letter 'a' on it's own, but linked by the thread ... it's a nice touch.
Love it!
Julie (UK)

Uta said...

Thanks Julie. Yes its german writing. Its the letter my grandfather finished for my grandmother because she died before it was finished. This happened in the 70's but still brings a tear to my eye when I read the words. I never learned to read German as I was 4 years old when we came to Australia but I manage to read the little words and get the meaning. I never saw my grandparents again but I remember how close we were and how much they loved me.

Wireless said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have the letter Uta, what a good link back to the past for you. Collage can be such a great medium for making very personal artwork and you've done a wonderful job here.
Love Julie x

april said...

I love this, Uta! Love the German writing ( I have some of those treasures too and yours' is a very special one) and I love the fish and the fossil lettering about it. Both transfers? ...April