Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Its Finally Cold and Wet

The sky is all gloomy, its raining and its chilly. Its the kind of day you just want to stay indoors and drink hot chocolate and do artwork. I will do that too, but first I have to go to gym and get my exercise specially since I had one of those dreaded overeating days yesterday. In between doing my artwork I will also do the washing which has been piling up and and later cook a curry for dinner.

Had a lovely dream about an old friend who passed away quite a few years ago. Its left me feeling all happy and mellow with the promise of good things to come. I love those dreams. They stay with me all day.

My daughter, Julia has been emailing me links to fabulous artwork on Red Bubble. Its becoming quite the morning ritual. What better way to start the day but with a dose of good art?


april said...

I love all the seasons and love always reading your comments on them. Yours being different than ours, I can always reminisce about the other that is not here. ...April

Uta said...