Thursday, May 1, 2008

Foggy Morning

Since my son, Troy has come back to roost with us I have been driving him to work in the morning. This morning the hills were covered in fog with just a hazy outline showing where they are and the occasional light twinkling through. I love the fog. Its like a protective layer and makes me feel safe like a chick under its mother's wing. Drove home the back way. I wanted to enjoy the falling autumn leaves, grey skies and wet shiny footpaths without all the traffic. It rained all the way. I do love summer and the outdoor lifestyle that goes with it but when the seasons change its such a relief. Will be wanting summer back before too long. I will get sick of the wet but at the moment I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Not much art work was accomplished yesterday. A lot of fiddling and indecision without much productivity. I really like the effect I've achieved and its taken me so long to get it that now I don't want to ruin it. Oh yes I can hear the words "have faith in your abilities" and "just enjoy the process" but they're not really helping. I did do some drawing onto the surface yesterday and have a hint of some pears coming through. I know I want to stamp some text on too but not sure which word or words to use. Nourish? Nurture? Impression? Nah, none of them are right. Not sure if I want any collage on the surface. I do want to draw more and define some of marks made by the paint but which ones. This is worse than white canvas syndrome hehehe. Today I will push forward on it. No more pussy footing around. I'm just going to do it!

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