Saturday, May 31, 2008

Too Long

Its been too long since my last blog. Time has been rushing passed me again and before I knew it another week was over.

Went on a photo shoot with Julia on Thursday to Port Adelaide. It's one of my favourite places. The building are old and it evokes feelings of a bygone era when life was tough and men were tougher. I once went on a night tour of Port Adelaide and heard about the history and what it was like to live in those times and I have of course romanticised it in my mind even more. Its magical to me for other reasons too. My dad used to take me to the port for Sunday drives and longingly look at the ships that were in port especially the ocean liners. I think he never lost his homesickness for Germany even though he lived in Australia longer. Its that whole believing you belong to a culture that migrants never quite get in their new homes. My favourite building is still standing but not for much longer...redevelopment grr. Its going to be knocked down to build those ugly concrete multi storey apartment blocks. Its fashionable to live in the port now so the yuppies are taking it over and ruining the whole look of the place, just like the foreshore in Glenelg. Showing my age here a bit hehehe. Anyway I got heaps of photos of the old building and I suppose I'll just have to be content with that.

After my usual market trip yesterday I went to a few art shops and bought a few more supplies. I bought half a dozen canvases (one very large one and the others reasonably large) some more gel medium and a few conte crayons. Next to one of the art shops is an antique shop and I bought a couple of small boxes for some assemblage art. So now I have canvases to paint and collage, some board books to alter and some assemblage art to create. Why am I still here typing then? Bye

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