Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Friend is in Town

My friend Kris is in town. Don't see her often so its good to catch up. She's in town for the whole week and tomorrow we are going to visit Kris' sister who lives near Callington. The main reason for the visit is to take photos. Kris' sister has an old 1939 Chevvy with broken headlights and smashed rear window. They will make great images for my collages.
Callington is a really old town in Australian standards and some of the old cottages have lovely old doors with peeling paint. Of course my camera will be running hot and I'll have some nice new images to post on my blog as well.


Laura said...

Oh sounds so cool to see, Can't wait to see images in art work.
p.s. what a great time for friend to come in town right in with Week 3.

Uta said...

Oh yes and I already made good use of it.

Laura said...

Good for you Lady, Hi to friend and so happy you are connecting. Nothing like it right?

Anonymous said...

Isn't chevy spelt with 1 v? :P