Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Pears With No Name

This work is so new it hasn't even got a title yet. I usually know what it's called long before its finished but with this piece nothing came to mind. Its quite a large canvas and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. There was a stressful moment when I couldn't go on with it for fear of ruining it but I got over that thank goodness. No collage on this piece whatsoever. I've even allowed some canvas to show through which was very difficult for my German heart to allow.
*no title as yet*
acrylic paint and conte on canvas
91 x91cm (36"x36")


Anonymous said...

Anyone ever told you this looks reminiscent of work by Peggy Brown? hahaha, just teasing, well done it looks great Ma :)


Uta said...

Thanks Julia, as does your work :p

april said...

This is beautiful, Uta. I love the washy feel to it. It feels like watercolor - but it's acrylics! I have never actually painted with acrylics. (only in collages) I love the way you've handled it. Teach me! ...April

Laura said...

This is just lovely, I'm so proud of you and you freedom to explore. What inspiration you are to all of us.
Keep it up.

Uta said...

Thankyou so much ladies. I do love to explore new techniques but they scare me to death as I'm never sure if I can pull it off. I just have to keep saying to myself "its only a canvas, its only a canvas".

Laura said...

And click your boots together while you say that now and it will more powerful, hehehehe

Uta said...

I will definately try that Laura hehehe

butterfly woman said...

Beautiful work, Uta.
I love how you took acrylics and used them in such a light transparent watercolory way. I do acrylics but use them in a more solid way, so you've given me new ideas and avenues to explore. Love the arrangement of the pears, very interesting! Overall, has mystery and wonder.
Teach me, too!