Sunday, May 25, 2008

So Much To Do

My daughter took photos of my work yesterday so I can put better quality images onto my Red Bubble site. Julia is a professional photographer so her camera is so much better than my point and shoot. The better the quality the images the more variety of reproductions can be sold on Red Bubble. Anyway now I have to crop all the photos and enhance the brightness/contrast etc. on photoshop and then put all the new images onto Red Bubble. Still haven't finished a painting that's been sitting on my easel for some time now, have to work on my exhibition invitations, start altering the board books I bought the other day, buy a new canvas for the painting that's swimming around in my head and above all I must do the washing today. Luckily I cooked up a large pot of chicken vegetable soup yesterday so dinner is taken care of. Means I can work right through. Only stopping to eat and watch Sunday Arts on tv this afternoon.
You can see Julia's work on

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