Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day at Callington

Hartley Methodist Church 1865-1895

Oops forgot which church this is but I just loved the window and pink rendered wall.

This old wagon is at the entrance of a coffee shop.

Old door and window in an old Cornish Miner's cottage. Its being done up yay!

Old bank with sign still in the window.

I love the old Cornish Miner's cottages.

Wonder if this used to be a shop.

1939 Chevy being lovingly brought back to working condition.

The rear of the Chevy

Look at the texture of the paint.

And the colours.

Would love to achieve this look on my artwork.

This well loved ute is now used to store the firewood.

If you want to know more about Callington go to


april said...

Your photos are wonderful. I love the windows and doors and the colours! Have to look up Callington. ...April

Laura said...

Oh they are great Uta, thanks for sharing them and My favorites are of the old chevy, I just have been a junk collector in my past live to love what is left and sooo earth patinaed.

Uta said...

Thanks ladies. I love old things too. There's something comforting in their used and worn looks.

butterfly woman said...

Awesome pics. Some of them look like collage pieces in and of themselves. I too like old things, there's so much history and memories there, and with everything being knocked down for modern tech, glad you're preserving with photos.
Can't wait to see you do some paintings/collages from them.