Thursday, May 22, 2008

Date With Myself

Yesterday I took myself out. Went to the Lion's Club Garage Sale. Haven't been in awhile so I thought I would have a look if I could find any treasures. Walked out empty handed. Then went op shopping and bought myself a very nice scarf. The weather is getting colder and there's nothing like a scarf to compliment your outfit and keep you warm.

It was soon lunchtime so I swung passed the supermarket and bought a crusty wholemeal roll with poppy seeds on top, some roast turkey and a tin of tomato soup. Haven't had tinned tomato soup in years. Took my supplies home and added some milk into the tomato soup as I was heating it. Makes it extra creamy. I watched Golden Compass while I had my leisurely lunch.

After my very big lunch I went out again in search of children's board books. I'm sanding them back and then will use them to do some of my artwork in. Maybe some collages, paintings and photos. I had to buy new ones because all the second hand ones were too well loved with worn edges and creases in their pages. I do really love artist's books and its been on my "to do" list for a long time. I'm finally getting around to it.

In the middle of my design for the invitations for my exhibition, still need to finish off a painting I started over a week ago, want to start on the board books and I have an idea for a new painting swimming around in my head. Looks like a huge creative time coming up.

Pulled back a little from my art work this week. I felt I needed some time off to refill my well and feel all the better for it.


Laura said...

Date with yourself?
Well I love to read the everyday activities going on with and artist. It really makes me feel connected. Poppy seeds, love them in anything. My grandfather was a baker and would bring home the poppyseed rolls, oh they tasted so good. I have one out the four in the family that love the poppyseed like I do. Does taste much but the extra crunch is so fun. Sounds like your entering the Altered Book faze. which is so fun. April has been teaching alot of that in her classes. Enjoy it is a wonderful surface to explore.

april said...

Uta! Show us as you are working on your books. I do like the board books to work on. I don't know - nice sturdy pages, less pages too so that you can keep to your theme better. And "tinned" tomato soup! That is the only canned soup that I like. ("Campbell's") When I was young and getting a cold or just didn't feel good - my mother would always say that tomato soup would make me feel better. That is still the first thing I crave on those days. I do like it tarter though and so only add water. ...April