Monday, May 19, 2008

Busy Doing Nothing

Busy weekend not doing anything. Its funny how that happens. The whole weekend just goes and it feels like you were busy but nothing really got accomplished.

Julia and I joined a digital photography meetup group. We meet once a month and discuss the basics which is probably too basic for Julia seeing she majored in photography at uni. At the moment we are exploring how to use our camera on manual and choosing the settings to achieve the type of image we want rather than just pointing and shooting and hoping for the best. I really enjoyed our first meeting last Wednesday night. Its good to get out and do some different things. My camera isn't a real good one. Nowhere near professional standard but its not bad for a point and shoot. Its good enough for my needs now. In the future I might want to upgrade but I'll cross that bridge when and if I come to it.

Started working on the invitation for my exhibition opening in August. Its just a bit of playing around at the moment because I'm not really sure what I want or how I want it to look. Its hard trying to represent yourself in a small invitation. The exhibition is called Listen With Your Eyes so maybe I'll use an image of eyes ???? Who knows at this stage. I'm just playing around, enjoying the process and we'll see what happens. If all else fails I can always use an image of one of my works. Still have plenty of time so I'm not in a panic.

Apart from that I have made it a rule to work on my art every day. If the other things in my life don't allow for big blocks of time spent in my art corner I just do a little everyday. Just a little done daily adds up to quite a lot.

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