Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy Day

I'm feeling a lot better thank goodness. I hate being sick. It feels like a waste of time even though its a good opportunity to rest.

I'm off to my sister's today. She's going to help me to design my exhibition invitations on publisher. I've not used publisher before and I'm eager to learn. I always find it easier if someone shows me how and then I go and try it on my own. Computer stuff doesn't come naturally to me. Didn't grow up with them and so it takes awhile to sink in. Quite happy with my progress though. I have my own blog running, I'm in a group blog The Artist's Way Journey and I've recently put my work onto RedBubble which is an online art gallery and community. I haven't made any of my work for sale as I'm just not up to that stage yet.

Better stop rambling and be on my way.
p.s. Will post pics of Callington trip soon.


Marjorie said...

OH UTA, I just had a minute to ck in at the blog and saw your web site!! Wow, I'm just blown away at your Open Window piece!! I windows, just painted the one on my blog with the vines, and those colors are my favorites!! Gree and yellows and white window...Love it! And good for you-- a WEB SITE, wow hoo hooray!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ma instead of telling people to go to the site and type in your name give them the direct address which is


april said...

Sick for the weekend! That was too bad. Of course, being sick any days is too bad! Glad you are feeling better. I always feel that way too - a waste of time. We hate to miss one day...April

Uta said...

Thanks ladies.

Uta said...

Thanks Julia, I made the appropriate changes.

Julia said...

teehehe i see that - no need to be so formal Mumsy dearest ;)


Julia said...

Ooo and look what I did all snazzy like - no more anonymous for me and click on my name ;)

Laura said...

So how did the brochure things turn out?

butterfly woman said...

I relate to you, my husband has to show me computer stuff, then I'm on my own, just need that intial push. I have a web site as well but don't list prices at this point. Sometimes just getting it out there is a big step. So congrats. But I've been hearing that internet is great way to sell stuff, so I'm heading in that direction.
Go Girl.Still love your pears pic.