Monday, April 21, 2008

Its Monday

Monday morning. The nights are getting a bit fresh. Have to put my dressing gown on while I run around doing my chores before heading off to gym.

Got a good start on my new collage yesterday. Its calling me now and I have the urge not to go to gym so I can go back to it now. No! I have to look after my health in order to create. All things in my life must be balanced. There's that word again "balance". That seems to be the hardest thing for me to maintain. Its all or nothing with me.

I read week one of Julia Cameron's Finding Water yesterday. In it she spoke about being connected to the higher realms while doing art. That's such a good explanation. I get so involved in the process, in the sheer joy of creating that I become so blissfully happy. Ok that sounds like I'm off with the fairies. Its a very difficult feeling to describe without sounding too "out there".

The new collage has a sea theme. This theme reoccurs a lot throughout my work. Yes I live in Australia and am surrounded by sea but its more than that. I'm also a migrant and travelled to my new home by sea. I was only 4 years old but I can remember the sounds, sights and smells. Its had a profound effect on my life and how I view home and family.

Still on the sea theme, one of the best days of my life was when Bob and I hired a canoe. We strapped it on the back of the ute and headed off to the Port Adelaide ship's graveyard. As the tide went out it revealed more and more of the ships that had been sunk there. They became beautiful rusty sculptures. There was only one wooden ship and that had turned itself into an island which I scampered over. Think I'll have to put a shipwreck image transfer into my new collage.

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