Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fun Day

Had such a great time at the beach yesterday with 2 classes of 6 to 7 year olds. We travelled to the beach by tram which was an experience. A bit stressful making sure they all crossed the busy road safely and all got on and off the tram. Once we got there the fun began. We got to build sand castles and eat morning tea on the grass. Our group has so much fun that kids from other groups kept joining us. We built the biggest sand castle with turrets made using buckets as molds. Some were carefully put on top of the castle. A moat went all the way around and then some more turrets around the moat. The kids wanted water in the moat. They ran back and forth from the sand castle to the sea retrieving buckets of water but the water always seeped away. I told them if the moat was deep enough it would have water in it naturally. They took on the challenge and took it in turns to dig a section of the moat deeper and deeper. Just before it was time to go back to school we hit water. Yay! Such excitement as everyone peered into the deep hole to see the water in the bottom. A day of play was good for my soul. Went home happy and sandy.


april said...

What a fun day! And look what you gave to those children's lives. Want to see some beach pix! ..April

Anonymous said...

A day to remember... Oh I love building sandcastles! I like the square buckets that have 'turrets' at the four corners... do you have those in Aus? And I remember paper flags and shell 'windows'.

Bet they all went home tired and happy!
Love Julie x

Uta said...

April, I didn't end up taking my camera because I didn't want the hassle of looking after it. Julia took photos. Will try to get some from her.
Julie, Yes I have seen those buckets. Think I'll have to buy myself one of those cos there's nothing like building yourself a castle with real square turrets.