Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Philosophical Day

As soon as the sun stopped blaring in the window yesterday I opened the curtains so I could paint. This happens just after noon. At first I had real trouble. Haven't painted (without any collage elements) for over a year. Probably close to 2 years I reckon. Of course I had to make it difficult for myself and have a drapery in my still life. Used to be good at drawing them but painting them is another story. Being out of practise doesn't help. It all started to come together once I went through all my art books to see how other artists tackle a drapery. I think the biggest problem was my paints drying so quickly because of the heat. Anyway its coming along and I'm enjoying the process. Not going to worry about the outcome ... yet.
Up to chapter 7 in Julia Cameron's Walking in This World. Its 12 weeks of practical strategies for creativity. Had a quick look at chapter 8 and I loved what Julia had written. "When we are in the midst of making something, in the actual creative act, we know we are who and what we are because we forget our public reception for a minute. We become the art itself instead of the artist who makes it. In the actual moment of making art we are blessedly anonymous." I call it "the zone". To me the zone is an amazing place that I resent having to leave to perform mundane tasks. Its a matter of consciousness, a place where I can live outside the restraints of the physical body. I can just be... Its peaceful and very very delicious. I hope thats what death feels like. Sounds like I'm having a philosophical day. Thats rare!
Off to the easel!

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