Thursday, February 7, 2008

Waiting for Mr. Right

As you know I love to use vintage images in my work. This came about at seeing so many old photographs in antique shops. They were once somebody's loved ones, somebody's daughter or mother or brother or sister and now they lay unwanted and forgotten in a box in the back of an antique shop. Their identity is no longer known or their life's story. This always made me feel sad :( and I would wonder what their life was like. Who had loved them, who did they love, what was going on in their life when the photo was taken? Anyway I started using vintage images and create a new story around them, give them a new life so to speak so they would no longer be forgotten.

Waiting for Mr. Right
This little lady looked so sad and she's all dressed up so she must be waiting for her lover. Lets hope he is Mr. Right.
Back to the studio. I've already started a new piece and its calling me.


april said...

Just beautiful! And what a beautiful photo. You did her right! What a nice idea.

Laura said...

Keep it up Lady!!!
We want more more more!