Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Thought I'd share some pics of the exhibition. The theme was Inspirations of the Orient. Orient simply means East and includes China, Japan. Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Egypt, Turkey, Phillippines and the smaller countries around Russia.

This painting is called Humphrey by Jen Hutchison and it was Julia and my favourite. Its on a very large canvas and although it didn't say what medium was used it looked like oils.

Here is Julia standing in front of her piece called Vision of a Geisha. Its gouache and acrylics on canvas.

Look how proud our little Zoe is with her work Blossom Dreams which is acrylic on bamboo mat. She received a "highly commended" certificate the second year running.

This one is entitled Passion that Flies and its about a Chinese love story. Its acrylic on canvas and painted by my best friend Vanita.

How amazing is this? Complete with cushions on the inside, it won first prize in the sculpture section. Zoe wants one in her bedroom. Entitled A Man's Home is his Castle by Gillian Hornabrook.

Painting section first prize winner Pera Hera by Trish Daniel, acrylic on canvas.

I absolutely loved piece in the photography section. Its part of a series of three entitled Moonlight at Dusk by Ingrid Wimbury.

The middle painting is by a friend of mine Kay Hole entitled What About Me and its an acrylic painting of a Vietnamese orphan.

Oil paintings by Nichola Clarke.


Laura said...

How lovely the show is, and let julie know her piece looks wonderful too. How pround you all must be. Thanks for putting up the images. You really get a feel for the show.

Uta said...

Thanks Laura. I always love seeing the images of your shows and classes on your blog. Would love to see some more of the woods.