Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stories of Old

Bob's Aunt Flo is turing 90 and is having a birthday lunch today. That's Bob's father's sister. Imagine being 90 and still driving a car! That means she was born in 1918. WOW the different eras she's seen. What stories she could tell.
I have always enjoyed the company of people older than me. They usually take life slower. Its as though its to make sure they don't miss those subtle things in life that are truly important. They see life with wise eyes and seem more patient. I could listen to their stories of the way things were in "the good old days" for hours. One of my favourite pastimes (that I miss so much) was to sit at Bob's Mum's kitchen table. It was always covered with a nice table cloth, usually checked fabric with some embroidery. She would make a cup of tea and tell me stories of the past. I think the story I enjoyed best was when it was announced WW2 was over. She explained the atmosphere so well I could almost hear the cheers of the crowd. The excitement and joy would wash over me as if I had been transported back in time.
When I was around 5 years old the person that I considered to be my best friend was a retired gentleman. I called him Uncle Arthur although he was no relation. I was his shadow and followed him everywhere. Under his bed he kept an old trunk filled with all his treasures. On rainy days he would pull out the trunk and show me old photographs and mementos of his life. These stories were better to me than any fairy stories and I would hang on his every word. Thats probably why I love to use vintage photographs in my artwork. Wonder why I've never realised that before. When I was around 10 we moved but Uncle Arthur would still visit me and take me to the movies. He came to my wedding and was still alive at the birth of my son.
Anyway enough reminiscence. Lets hope I'm lucky enough today to hear some of Flo's stories.

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april said...

I used to love to hear the old stories from my Mother and my uncles too, Uta. And I had an Uncle Arthur! He was my grandfather's brother and he was "rich" ( I think). He would slip a silver dollar into my palm every time he came to visit. He drove until he was 95 and lived to 99. What a nice man too. Good memories. Thanks. ...April