Friday, February 22, 2008

Nature's Artwork

Went for a walk along the beach yesterday. The hot weather had finally subsided and it was good to get out of the house. I love walking along the beach and yesterday morning it was particularly beautiful. The sand was all rippled like it had captured the ripples of the water and frozen it in time. It felt good under my feet. Cool and damp. The ripples massaging the souls of my feet. This beach is Semaphore beach and before 10am its open for dogs to play on the sand or in the water or with each other. They are allowed off the lead and their humans follow them around carrying all number of things. Balls to chase, towels to dry them with, water to drink and plastic bags to pick up any little deposits that I would not want to step in. I always get this real sense of freedom when I walk on the beach. I seem to withdraw from the world a little bit and go deeper inside myself. Its nearly like the feeling I get when I work on my art. Life is good and I am happy :)


Laura said...

As it should be my dear.How beautiful.

Marjorie said...

These lovely pictures remind me of our trip to Mexico recently! And of our Gift from the Sea retreat!