Monday, February 18, 2008

A Visit From a Friend

No artwork was done yesterday but it was for a really good reason. My girlfriend Kris came to visit. As she too lives in country South Australia she stays overnight and travels home the next day. It was great catching up with her. We had pizza night. Bad I know, but its ok to have take away now and again and they do say that pizza is one of the better take aways to have. Lets hope thats true.
Still hot here but as soon as the sun moves a bit and stops shining in the window I will open the curtains and start on my painting. I have a real need to do a painting without any collage elements. Haven't done a whole painting for over a year and I'm really excited about starting. It is going to be a still life of some white objects; a bowl, an oil bottle, spice jar and a bit of a drapery on the side, all on a white table with a drawer on the front. Its all drawn up on the canvas and ready to go. It will be a bit of a challenge as I usually work in lots of colour. I like to set up the still live and take photos of it to see what the composition looks like, how the shadows are placed and what adjustments I need to make so its interesting. I move the objects around to get different aspects to choose from. Once the images are on the computer I can see which composition looks the best. I like to work from the photos as well as from the actual objects themself. Well enough rambling. Just need to finish a few household chores and its off to the easel. *insert happy smiling face here*

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