Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The trip went fine. It was real fun travelling with Julia and Zoe, being able to stop whenever we wanted to take photos and not having to worry what other people wanted.

Went swimming in the lake at Naracoorte. Its a human made lake/swimming pool. One side is like a little beach with sand and the other 3 sides are like a swimming pool.

Delivered our entries for the exhibition. The opening is on Friday night so we will be going back for that and staying for the Taste Festival. This year's theme is taste of the orient.

Been on a real creating frenzy in the last couple of days. Been in my studio creating and only coming out to do the usual everyday household chores. Haven't even been spending my usual time on the computer. So that's it for now because my easel is calling me and I have to take advantage of it while the urge is there. Will post pics soon.


Laura said...

Good for you Uta, Go with it! I will be excited to see pictures of the exhibit.

april said...

Oh Uta, I bet you did have fun traveling with Julia and Zoe!