Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Taste of the Orient

Naracoorte which is situated in the south east of South Australia has an annual festival called The Taste Festival. This year's theme was Taste of the Orient. Naracoorte is in one of South Australia's wine regions so along with some delicious food there is plenty of wine to try. The gallery puts on an exhibition in conjunction with The Taste Festival and entries have to adhere to the theme. There is a sculpture, painting, textile, photography and children's section with each section offering a prize to the winner. There is also a prize for for the best thematic entry. That is for the entry that best captures the theme and is open to all entrants. Well blow me down, guess who won the best thematic entry?

More pics later. Will show you Julia's entry and Zoe's entry. Zoe is very pleased with herself as she received a "highly commended" certificate again this year and the judge had such nice things to say about her painting.


Laura said...

Uta???? you won? is that what I read?
And the Granddaughter?

Wow I am so blown away by the size of the piece. I had now Idea it was that big. Now I have to know how did you assemblage the whole things as of what did you put the papers on to support them or were they all connected together and that was it? So cool and so happy for you. :} Goofly smiling inside for you.

Anonymous said...

who, who, who don't leave me in suspense, hahaha ;)