Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More about my Entry

Laura had sent me some dvd's. I particularly liked the techniques used by Carrie Burns Brown where she shows you how to stain tissue paper and alter newspaper etc. so I thought I would try it out.
The theme being Inspirations of the Orient made me think that red, black and gold would be good colours to use. I had bought some canvas on a roll and wanted to create something that resembled a wall hanging. When I found the hanging device (which is used to hang wall hangings or those beautiful exotic fabrics) and it was the exact width needed for the canvas I knew I was onto something.
I had real fun staining and altering the tissue paper and I had picked up a Chinese newspaper from the market which I altered. The weather was hot so luckily the papers didn't take long to dry (only minutes in the sun).
So there you have it. The title is Facing East and its constructed of layers of stained and altered tissue paper, altered newspaper and found papers on a piece of unstretched canvas. The top edge of the canvas is stapled to the back of the carved wooden hanging device and just hangs loosely like a piece of fabric (only stiffer because of all the medium used to glue the papers on). I had so much fun creating it, winning that prize is icing on the cake.
Laura, hope that answers all your questions :)

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Laura said...

Sure does lady!! Thanks for sharing that, I makes me want to give it a try.